Monday, November 6, 2017

Updated McDougall Holiday Recipe Guide Released

Dr. McDougall posted the following on his Facebook page today:

Holiday Meal Planning & Recipes (Updated) - Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. Time to plan ahead. In this article, Mary has laid out a complete menu, shopping list, and time schedule so that you will be able to more easily prepare a successful meal to enjoy with your friends and family.
"This time of year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays frighten many people who eat a healthy diet. They wonder how to socialize with friends and how to prepare a meal in their home. These two days are supposed to be the largest feasts of the year."
This time of year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays frighten many people who eat a healthy…

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No New Webinars Until 2018?!?!

Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center
The October 10, 2017 wildfires in Northern California destroyed our home and studio. The webinars will be postponed for the months of November and December. This will give us time to reconfigure our webinars and bring even more value-packed sessions to you.
All of the McDougall staff are well and excited about helping you discontinue unnecessary medications and other medical treatments and helping you lose excess body fat and regain your health.
The McDougall Program is alive and well and all 10-Day Programs and 3-Day Weekends are on as scheduled! Please consider attending one of these programs. To register for any of the live programs in Santa Rosa, please go to

You will find our past recorded webinars of value and they are listed here:

Please remember that the website is active and contains answers to almost every question that you might have. The SEARCH feature can be found at Just type any topic there and you will be given all the newsletters and videos in which Dr. McDougall discusses your request.

You are still encouraged to write to Dr. McDougall with your important questions at You will receive a prompt personal response from me.

We will keep you updated.
John McDougall, MD

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Even Riff-Trax (former MST3K Guys) Love Potatoes

We're MST3K fans from way back, and have followed the band of merry men (and 2 women) from Mystery Science Theater to Cinematic Titanic to Riff-Trax and back to MST3K. I get emails frequently from the Riff-Trak guys about special releases and sales. Today, I woke up to this. The subject header on the email was: Potato-Based Fuel and the Cheeziest of Martial Arts? It's time for a new riff!

Hey! It’s not Kill and Take The Afternoon Off to Catch Up on Reading, it’s Kill and Kill Again! So get off your lazy duff and back to work!
Who’s doing all this killing and follow-up repeat killing? Mostly Steve Chase, the world’s greatest martial artist. You wouldn’t know he’s the best from seeing his martial arts, but the movie tells you several times he’s the best, so he must be. The South African government needs him to rescue a scientist who’s been kidnapped and forced to create an army of martial artists to conquer the world.
And if you can think of a more efficient way to conquer the world, you can just keep it to yourself!

Oh, and also? The entire plot centers around making fuel from potatoes. So yeah, it’s your standard South African martial arts extravaganza based around root vegetable gasoline.

You’re gonna love it, and love it again, with Mike, Kevin and Bill!
Riff and Riff Again!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Message from Dr McDougall

Dr. McDougall posted this on the forums today:

Dr. McDougall Update

Postby John McDougall » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:36 am
Mary and I are well and with family.

All our material possessions are lost. The same for Heather's and Tiffany's families.

The McDougall Program (10-day, 3-day, etc.) is alive and well and continues with as few interruptions as possible.

Many people want to help us. Thank you.

But there are no official donation programs and any you may see are not authorized - do not donate to any of these.

We are humbled by the many offers of help. We may have many unexpected financial pressures, and if we decide to seek any help from you, our friends, we will let you know.

John McDougall, MD
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John McDougall
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Fundraiser for the McDougall Family

As you all probably know by now, Dr. and Mary McDougall and his two daughters' homes were all wiped out in the fires at Santa Rosa earlier this week. All John and Mary were left with were the clothes on their back, one phone and one computer. Even their cars are gone. No word on the cat - people keep asking.

They're currently staying with friends, far away from the fires, after being evacuated from the hotel they were first brought to.

There's been a lot of talk on-line about fundraisers for them all, and on Wednesday, some said one was already up on GoFundMe, but that one is NOT an official McDougall fundraiser.

Jeff Novick announced:

The response to help the McDougalls has been overwhelming. 
I have been in conversation with the McDougalls, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and many of the WFPB docs about setting up a go-fund me or something similar. We should know more later today or tomorrow the latest. 
As soon as we get it set up I will post the information and links here.
In Health

So, as of 6am EDT today, there was no official fundraiser set up. Keep watching the official McDougall forums for an announcement of one, not any of the unofficial McDougall Facebook communities.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

And Jeff Defends It

In a new post on the official McDougall forums, Jeff Novick, the McDougall program's own dietitian, wrote the following in a post defending the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Program. He offers many quotes by Dr. McDougall, even links to the newsletters explaining the MWLP as-written.

Jeff said at one point:

The recommendations of Dr McDougall and myself come from not only a thorough review and understanding of the scientific literature on these issues, but also from decades of clinical experience working with clients in a closed residential setting.
However, in the last few years, people have come up with their own personal ways to improve the MWL program, usually based on their own short term experience. Most often, they do not have the understanding of the literature or the longterm clinical experience we do. In addition, we are not interested in promoting modifications to the MWL to produce short term results that will be unsustainable for most people. As Dr McDougall always says at the program, we are not here for instant results, we are here to get you to like the food and teach you a sustainable program. We could easily serve you an all (or mostly) vegetable diet and you would have better initial short-term results but it will be unsustainable. 
It is important to realize that any modifications to the MWL that are not in the above newsletters, or that do not come directly from Dr McDougall or myself, are not part of the MWL program, nor do we recommend them.

and later in the post he added:

People will often say, I was doing the MWL program but it wasn't working till I also did "X," to which they are often unaware that "X" Is already a part of the MWL program. On the other hand, people will often say they are following the MWL program and doing "Y" but they are unaware that "Y" is not part of the MWL program nor recommended. 

Before making adjustments to the MWL program, we recommend you give the MWL program with the refinements a fair and honest chance. 

Here are a few of the adjustments people make that are not recommended. None of these are new. All have been around for a long time and seem to get recycled every few years

- A predominately raw food diet
- Eating only raw foods till 4 PM
- Intermittent fasting
- Restricted feeding window
- Extended fasts to lose weight
- Smoothies 
- Juicing
- Basing their diet on non-starchy vegetables.
- Not including starch at each meal.
- Delaying the starch component of a meal.
- Eating only fruit for breakfast
- Eating only non-starchy vegetables for breakfast
- Excessive or extreme exercise
- Food Combining
- Meal Replacements
- Supplements 

In regard to added salt and added sugar, we recommend buying and preparing food without either and if any are to be used, to add them at the table on the surface of the food. If either one is troublesome and create uncontrollable cravings for you, then leave them out.

Clear enough? And to think, it doesn't cost anything to follow that food plan, and there's oodles of free on-line support on the official McDougall discussion boards!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dr. McDougall Disses MWLP

How did I miss this interview between Jeanne Schumacher, the woman who does the cooking videos on the McDougall website, and Dr. McDougall about the Maximun Weight Loss Program?

Once again, Dr. McD expresses his regret over writing the MWLP book, and even telling us all about the Mary's Mini!