Thursday, July 12, 2018

McDougall Program Infomercial from 1993

Someone posted these 2 links to the McDougall forums for the McDougall Program - 12 Days to Dynamic Health package - the audio tape set, the 12 Days book, and the Doctor McDougall's Health Enhancing Recipe Book, and a VHS tape called Secrets to Good Health, and a bonus called The McDougall Report: Life Saving Facts Your Doctor Never Told You. Sorry, I can't find a link to these anywhere on-line. 

They were filmed back in 1993 during the St. Helena days. The video quality is pretty poor, especially if you're watching in HD on a large monitor, but it's nice to see 1) a young Dr. McDougall and 2) the fact that the message hasn't changed in all these years.

Another bonus is that they both have decent closed captioning for those of us who are hard of hearing.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ann and Jane Roast Red Peppers

That's nice, but way too messy for me, and not feasible in 102ยบ weather. Been there, done that, spent way too much time cleaning the mess.

When I want roasted red peppers now, I usually walk to my pantry closet and grab this (I keep about 4 jars on hand at all times).

And when I feel really decadent, achy, or just plain lazy, I grab a jar of this (again, I keep a few on hand)

I do wish a local store would have some of the better brands, like those mentioned in this article. Those rare occasions when we hit Trader Joe's or Whole Foods I make it a point to pick up a few jars of various brands to try, but for normal everyday cooking, the Stop and Shop brand does just fine.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ann & Jane - Heirloom Tomato Sandwiches

Jane usually jokes around about her mother being part goat because of all the hard, crunchy things she eats. That really must be true - how else can she bite into triple toasted Mestemacher bread! We have just one store in this city that sells it - the local health food store - and even when bought the day of delivery it's already hard as a cracker. Toasting even once renders it hard enough to be used as a shingle on a house!

And to me, open-face sandwiches are way too messy to make and eat, even if they were made on squishy white bread. I'd rather take a piece of bread and cut it in half, rather than go through that mess.

I used to love eating tomato sandwiches in the past. A nice thick slice of onion, raw or cooked, an equally thick slice of tomato, some shredded lettuce, and (in the long ago past) a dollop of Miracle Whip. Hummus is good, too. It was never an heirloom tomato, though, not at $3.99/pound for non-organic, $5.99 a pound organic (and each tomato weighing in at well over a pound each). Oh, this is making me drool! 

I really wish I could find a nice gluten free whole grain oil-free bread. Like potatoes, bread with gluten gives me all sorts of joint pains so I don't eat it all that often. When I do, it's usually a slice of Ezekial or Alvarado Street, although my husband loves Dave's. I'm not keen on that one - too many seeds and way too sweet! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Are We REALLY Following the (MWLP) Guidelines?

On the McDougall forums over the weekend, Amanda wrote this beautiful post about whether or not she was really following the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Program guidelines. In it she goes line by line, commenting on whether she did or not. It was mentioned again in another post in a thread called Stuck for Months.

I admit I'm lax in some of these areas. Like Amanda, no meat, dairy, oils are a given, but I do have flour products by way of brown rice pasta every week, and I continue to add raisins to my morning oats most mornings. I blame Jeff Novick for the pasta because he compares it to unrefined complex carbohydrates in his caloric density chart and talks. What was that Dr. McDougall keeps saying about hearing good news about bad habits? Oh, and sun-dried tomatoes (botanically a fruit) to my grits and Mary's Bean Stew. But my meals always hit the "at least a third to half" as vegetables guideline, so I'm doing something right.

Here's the part Amanda quoted from the MWLP Guidelines thread:

Program outlined in the MWL book, page 60. 
1. Eliminate All Animal Foods
2. Eliminate All Oils
3. Eliminate All High Fat Plant Foods: Nuts, Nut Butters, Seeds, Seed Butters, Avocados, Coconut, & Olives.
4. Eliminate All Flour Products
5. Eat Whole Grains and Potatoes
6. Eat Legumes
7. Make Green & Yellow Vegetables One-Half to One-Third of your meal
8. Eat Uncooked Foods
9. Restrict Fresh Fruit to No More Than Two Servings a Day, and Avoid Dried Fruit, Fruit Puree, and Fruit Juice
10. Use Simple Sugar Sparingly

There's way more in that guidelines message, like exercise and links to newsletter articles explaining MWLP, but you'll have to go there to read the rest. 

I know, I know. I really have to stop spending so much time on other food plans' Facebook community sites (like UWL, Engine 2, Potato Reset, even regular McDougall program/Starch Solution, and Ann & Jane Esselstyn YouTubes) and concentrate once again on McDougall Maximum Weight Loss ones only!

At least I now know which webinars to concentrate on in my rewatching of the McDougall webinars, as I mentioned in the last blog post.

Monday, June 18, 2018


No, not from any food, but from seeing and hearing Dr. McDougall and Gustavo do webinars together!

In order to stop those horrible feelings I've been rewatching a lot of the older webinars. I find myself preferring going directly to Dr. McDougall's or Gustavo's YouTube pages to see them because they are mostly closed captioned, as bad as the automatic captioning service is. Yes, sometimes the captioning is as bad as this dubbing from one of the Godzilla sequels, Godzilla Raids Again (a.k.a. Gigantis, the Fire Monster):

and many times they get down-right entertaining, but for partially deaf people like me, every little bit helps.

According to the webinar page on the McDougall web site, these webinars will continue again in July "when the McDougalls return from travelling." Until then, there are over a hundred of these replays to keep me occupied.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Nope, Not for Me!

As Mr. Horse on Ren and Stimpy cartoons says:

And what is it I don't like?

Cut up grapes in my morning cereal.

For decades I would add a banana, if I added anything, but this morning decided to try Ann Esselstyn's suggestion of using sliced grapes, instead. Yecch! Way too sweet!

Now, I'm a child of the 1950's. We started out with hot cereals as babies with things like Pablum and Farina, graduated to cold cereals like Wheaties and corn flakes. Then, the sugary super sugar bomb cereals were unleashed! Sugar Crisp, Trix, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops (my 2 favorites), chocolate Rice Crispies and Coco Puffs (my older brother's fave), even our corn flakes became sugar coated (They're Grrrreat!). We had tigers, toucans, rabbits, frogs, even cowboys riding chariots,

telling us how good these cereals were for us. With 3 kids and a husband with a sweet tooth, my mom made sure we were always stocked up. Our kitchen shelves looked like Jerry Seinfeld would be jealous of, and he had a LOT of cold cereals in his TV show's kitchen:

 Actually, we may have had even more than this!

So, instead of a banana, today I cut up 8 tiny green grapes from a bunch I bought the other day. When eaten by themselves, they didn't taste unusually sweet, but mixed in with oats, they sure did! I couldn't even eat more than 2 or 3 pieces before digging them out of the bowl.

I think tomorrow will be a palate cleanser day and only have veggies for breakfast before heading out grocery shopping, then go back to my oats, either alone or with a banana Monday.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Weird Al

My musical hero, "Weird" Al Jankovic, has completed his Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour. On YouTube, he released this video of all 77 the cover songs the band played for their encore each night. Yes, it's only a short snippet of what they played, but it's so great hearing this band play all these different styles of music. I wish they would put out an album of every one of these songs done in their entirety - whatever the cost, I would grab it.