Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dr. McDougall On YouTube

Looks like Dr. McDougall has a new YouTube page. So far there are 38 videos, including the Star McDougaller ones from his web site. Most are like this one, 4 minutes and under and filmed in front of a bare wall, but some are clips from speeches and presentations by him and others.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been A While

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Winter has been depressing and tough, with all that snow. Depression turns into mindless snacking, and snacking on the wrong kinds of food. Non-McDougall foods.

And that leads to weight gain.

Which leads to more depression.

But now I’m back on track. My dinner menus are made out through June and every one is for a McDougall-safe recipe, most of them MWLP-safe. My freezer is full of fruit and veggies (plus my son’s off-plan frozen pizza), the pantry filled with canned and aseptically boxed no-salt added tomatoes. I have a few different kinds of brown rice around, both long-cooking bagged, like basmati and jasmine, and quick cooking ones like Success. I have plenty of fresh and frozen potatoes. 3 different kinds of oatmeal, too (old fashioned, minute, and steel-cut).

As I watch my family eat non-plan foods I mourn my loss, like losing a good friend. At those times I reflect on something I recently read on a weight-loss message forum:

Of course it isn’t fair, but you just have to accept it and move on.

I’m moving on again.