Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Dog Day!

Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please hug a Dug today!
Posted by Disney on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

For Those With Irregular Heartbeats

Doctors demonstrate irregular heartbeats, set to music.

very funny ^^
heart rhythm disorders
Posted by Medical MCQ on Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Klunker's Mushrooms, Revisited

I mentioned these mushrooms a few months ago in this post. I've made them in the slow-cooker a number of times since, and they're a favorite of my husband.

Sunday afternoon the three of us settled in to watch a Harry Potter movie with the RiffTrax commentary riffing, and before we knew it, it was almost dinner time. Yikes! I forgot to put the mushrooms in the slow-cooker hours ago!!

Luckily, I had made a note on the recipe when someone on the McDougall Friends Facebook community made them in their Instant Pot and decided to go ahead and try them this way. So instead of slow cooking for 3 to 5 hours, this needs only 9 minutes of pressure cooking. I figured while these were cooling and thickening I would make my potatoes in the Instant Pot with the second liner I had purchased.

First off, 9 minutes of IP time sometimes means 30 or more minutes in real time, by the time the pot first gets to pressure, *then* it cooks for 9 minutes, and then give it another 10 before releasing the pressure.

The potatoes' cooking time was only 4 minutes in the pot, using this recipe by Jill Nussinow. This one took a long time, almost 20 minutes, to get to pressure because there were a lot of potatoes and not much liquid.

The potatoes were perfect, the mushrooms not so much. I used sliced cremini mushrooms, like I always do, but this time they were rubbery and undercooked. They really needed a lot more cooking time to get to be as we like them.

Next time, if I forget to put them on in time to make them in the slow-cooker, I'll make something different. This is one dish that really needs that long, slow cooking time.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

About VeganMoFo 2015

I'm not officially participating this year. Instead of allowing us all to "do our own thing" and choose a theme if we want to, the rules are now requiring us to follow this posting schedule:

1 Rise and Shine! It’s MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast. 
2 Recreate a meal from your childhood. 
3 Quick, easy and delicious. 
4 Tell us about a weird food combo that you love. 
5 Best sandwich ever. 
6 Re-create a restaurant meal. 
7 Make / eat some thing inspired by a book or film. 
8 Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it. 
9 Most retro recipe. 
10 Something blue. 
11 Focus on a nutrient 
12 Tell us about your favourite cookbook! 
13 It’s kitchen tour time! 
14 Share something vegan (and delicious, duh!) with a non-vegan. 
15 OMG, Barack Obama is coming over because he knows you make awesome vegan food! What are you going to make? 
16 What’s your favorite late summer food? 
17 Make (or eat!) a traditional local dish. 
18 Honor a human or non human animal who inspires your veganism. 
19 Lunch on the go. 
20 Veganize an old family recipe. 
21 What three endless food supplies would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island? (Imagine your nutritional needs have been met, these are a bonus!) 
22 Make a dish using all seasonal produce. 
23 Fusion Challenge! 
24 What (inset well known person) would eat if they were vegan. 
25 Share your favorite cuisine. 
26 It’s cold and rainy and there’s a snow drift outside your door! What are you going to make using the ingredients you have? 
27 Favorite herb or spice? 
28 Tacos VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue? 
29 What would you bring on a vegan road trip? 
30 Autumn equinox eats. 

I'm sorry - I have no time for this silliness. Between my  husband's repeat cardiac cath scheduled for August 28th, his follow-up opthalmologist visit for a second torn retina on September 9th, my own follow-up for my MCTD/RA and wonky EKG, I'll post what I can and what I want, not think about what I would make if stranded in a snowbank - I DID that already the past 2 winters, or give a tour of my kitchen that STILL has a big hole in the wall and a disconnected garbage disposal (that makes the sink back up and now needs to be plunged instead of a flick of the disposal switch pushing it down)!

VeganMoFo is Coming!

VeganMoFo is coming!

Ninth Annual Vegan Month of Food aka “VeganMoFo” returns  September 2015
The ninth Annual Vegan Month of Food (aka “VeganMoFo”) returns for another month-long culinary affair, encouraging daily posts beginning September 1, 2015, and bigger + brighter engagements via Instagram updates and daily creative prompts at VeganMoFo HQ (
This worldwide event features participants hailing from over 22 countries, who pledge to post about vegan food on a near daily basis throughout the entire month of September. VeganMoFo’s evolution has seen it expand beyond the realm of blogs to encompass all social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and beyond. These food writers ,professional and home cooks will write about what they eat and what they cook, all with the intention of showcasing the wide and delicious world of vegan food.
This internet-based September 1-30, 2015, across hundreds of blogs and social media accounts around the globe.
Weekly blog and Instagram roundups will be be housed at VeganMoFo International HQ ( and updated on the official Instagram, @veganmofo. The official website also offers writing guides and post ideas, an RSS feed, blogs by category, an F.A.Q., sign up and 2015 badges.
VeganMoFo is a grassroots event that evolved from an international community of vegans who love to cook, and are passionate about sharing their love of vegan food with the rest of the world. The idea was first created by famed vegan chef, cookbook author and Modern Love chef/owner Isa Chandra Moskowitz of The Post Punk Kitchen ( 
Representatives of VeganMoFo HQ are available for more information about VeganMoFo, recipes, photographs, and interview requests.
- See more at:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

If You Love the Simple Daily Recipes Site . . .

Jill McKeever, of Simple Daily Recipes blog and YouTube Channel, has another cookbook out!

O M Gee Good! Instant Pot® Recipes, Plant-Based and Oil-free

This mouthwatering cookbook was written solely for Instant Pot® owners. Inside you'll find over 30 plant-based and oil-free meals your family will ask for again, and again. The cooking directions are written so even the newest Instant Pot® owner can whip up a delicious meal with ease.  Each recipe comes with a color photo and is formatted to be easy to read and easy to print.

I just downloaded it, and it's 84 pages with loads of full page, full color pictures of Jill's delicious, easy recipes! I have a feeling I'm taking this to Staples to be printed and bound, because as much as I like my computer and Kindle, I love the feel of paper in my hands, especially when it comes to cookbooks. LOL

The recipes are all McDougall/Starch Solution safe and many are UWL-safe, too.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chickpea and Split Pea Sale on Amazon

Palouse Brands is having a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale over on Amazon:

I know a few McDougallers have bought and adored this brand, so I guess now is as good a time as any to give them a try.

Just put both items into your shopping cart, and when you click the Go to Checkout link you'll see the discount.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Webinar Already Available

With most on-line interviews done live, it takes a few days to have the replay available. Today's webinar with Dr. McDougall was available live on YouTube and then immediately available for replay:

Quarterly Review of Biology Article

During today's webinar Dr. McDougall mentioned a "birthday gift" he got - an article entitled "The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution" that was printed in the July 2015 issue of the Quarterly Review of Biology Just click on the title of the article to go to the Journal's web page where you can get the article for free.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Free McDougall Teleconferences Aug 7 and Aug 28, 2015

Dr. McDougall has done a number of these live teleconferences the past few months, and I just got an email with a link to his website with sign-up instructions for two more.

Title: General Q&A Online Session #1 with Dr. McDougall, MD
Description: In this 45-minute, live, online webinar, you will have the unique opportunity to ask questions to Dr. McDougall.
Host: Presenter: Dr. John McDougall, MD, Host: Gustavo Tolosa, DMA

Date: Friday, 7 August 2015
Time: 07:00 am Pacific Time (US and Canada), GMT -7


Title: General Q&A Online Session #2 with Dr. McDougall, MD
Description: In this 45-minute, live, online webinar, you will have the unique opportunity to ask questions to Dr. McDougall.
Host: Presenter: Dr. John McDougall, MD, Host: Gustavo Tolosa, DMA
Date: Saturday, 29 August 2015
Time: 07:00 am Pacific Time (US and Canada), GMT -7

These are nice 45 minute talks, with both the participants at their laptops on a program like Skype. On the right-hand side of the computer screen you'll see a chat box, where you can write in your questions for Dr. McDougall and the interviewer, Dr. Tolosa, will ask Dr. McDougall as many of these as there is time for, so if you do have a question for the doctor, ask it as soon as the chat opens, don't wait for a break in the conversation, because you won't find one.

If you have a difficult problem that may require the doctor to look something up, you might be better off writing him directly at, because he's not sitting there with books or anything, just on his couch in his living room, laptop tuned to the chat program (sometimes buffering, and buffering), waiting for Mary to finish making the oatmeal (Yes, he actually said that).

Friendly and informative informal chats. I'm glad they decided to do more.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Really Need an iPod of My Own

Disney/Pixar has released this short called Lava that was shown with Inside/Out. I haven't seen that movie so don't know if it's part of the movie or an extra, but I'm sure int'll be included on the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out. It has to be!

Anyway, they're letting users of iPods, iPhones and some other Apple product users see it in its entirety for a limited time through the Disney Movies Anywhere app from iTunes, ONLY. Android users are out of luck, as are those of us who access our DMA accounts from our computers.

Luckily my son allows me to borrow his iPod when I need it for things like the FOK or McDougall Cookbook apps. After troubleshooting the app for almost an hour he realized all he had to do was update it and he finally got it to work. He then gave me the iPod back to watch it. Like most Disney flicks, this one had me in tears at one point.

Here's a still shot from the short with the complete song. Enjoy!


Here's a 40 second clip to show an example of the completed animation: