Monday, March 19, 2012

Heart Healthy Pizza - For St. Patrick's Day!

I wish I had seen Mark's blog post sooner and we would have had pizza instead of Irish Stew this past Saturday!

Mark Sutton, a familiar name on the various fat free vegan mailing lists and forums, has written a cookbook dedicated to making pizza that's safe for us McDougallers and Nutritarians and Esselstynites and all the other people who follow a no added fat vegan lifestyle. The few sample recipes he posted on a few Yahoogroups Groups look amazing, and people who already own the book already and have tried the recipes have nothing but praise for him. Even Robin Robertson, author of over 20 cookbooks (many of which reside on my own book shelf) has written about this book on her own blog. Go on over and see for yourself the gorgeous photos of Mark's pies from the book!

After experimenting with those recipes, we're all gonna have to do a Mary's Mini to recuperate!

Thanks, Mark, for making tasty pizza available again.

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