Saturday, June 14, 2014

Free McDougall Resources

Jeff Novick took the time to write a list of all the free McDougall resources that can be found on-line from Dr. McDougall. He lists all the things on the web site, such as the forums, newsletter archives, videos, printable recipe cards, etc., plus a few off the main web site, such as the McDougall YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter sites.

Those are the official resources.

What isn't mentioned are all the unofficial ones, such as blogs like this one, the McDougall 12 Day and McDougall Weight Loss Programs lists on Yahoogroups, recipe sites such as Fat Free Vegan (which isn't always 100% McDougall), and all the unofficial McDougall Facebook communities. And all of Jeff's sites, too.

There's a lot of free information and support out there for the McDougall program!

I suggest everyone who follows the McDougall program go to that post and bookmark all those links for future reference. Jeff has been known to delete messages on his own forum willy-nilly so don't count on it being there forever.

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