Wednesday, July 9, 2014

VeganMoFo Plans Already??

The people on the Post Punk Kitchen forums are making plans for VeganMoFo 2014, Already?!?! I'm still having post-traumatic stress about this past winter's weather and now an autumn activity is coming up fast??


 If you never heard of VeganMoFo, click here for an explanation of what it is, where the name came from, and what people do during it. As you can see by the icons on the left side pf this blog, I've been a participant for a number of years now, always doing McDougall-safe recipes.

This year, I'm debating whether or not I even want to participate. With the thousands of people signed up, it's hard for even a handful of them to discover new blogs, and very few people look to the ones in the Healthy/Whole Foods category - most are looking for desserts or specialty topics, like Movie Foods, or Soups, or Super Hero Cakes, or whatever. I really have no excuse except for ennui. I mean, I participated last year while caring for my husband who had open heart surgery a few weeks before! I'm certainly not too busy this year (and I hope it stays that way - knock wood).

If I do sign up, then comes the agony of choosing a topic. Sure, it'll be something McDougall-related. Last year, thanks to my husband's CABG surgery at the end of July, the topic was heart healthy meals, with recipes taken from Dr. Esselstyn's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. McDougall's The McDougall Program for A Healthy Heart, and even Dr. Fuhrman's book, Cholesterol Protection for Life. This year will see the release of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook on the second day of VeganMoFo, so that's no good for this year. I've had a number of topics on my mind over the years - all potato recipes, soups, bowls, recipes from one particular McDougall book or another, even all Jeff Novick recipes. Well, in 2012 I did about half the month with Jeff's recipes. Even I'm getting a bit sick of looking at them now. I promise, no Jeff this year. LOL

Earlier today I posted a recipe from Mary McDougall that she has said a number of times is a McDougall family favorite. She and her daughter Heather have done a number of McDougall newsletter articles sharing their favorite family recipes. Almost every one of those favorites are also favorites in this house, too. Perhaps this will be a good topic if I do decide to sign up this year. I can easily find 30 recipes that I love to make from those lists, many I've never shared on this blog.

Sounds like a plan!

I guess you'll find out for sure on September First. I could always surprise you with something completely different, too.

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  1. I loved trying the recipes you posted last year. It was a great reminder my life doesn't have to be sugar filled!