Friday, February 20, 2015

Orange is the New Black Potato

My husband cringed at the name of this recipe. "Who wants to eat a black potato?"

No, dear, it's just a take off of the name of the tv show, "Orange is the New Black."

"But the potato is orange, not black!"

"Shut up and eat your food!"

IIRC, the first time this recipe appeared was in Chef AJ's video, Easy Meals to Make You Thin"

It's one of those recipes that really isn't a "recipe" recipe, just a list of ingredients for you to toss together. Those are the best kinds of recipes. Every now and then on the McDougall forums or Engine 2 Extra web site various links are mentioned to things like "easy meals" and "3-ingredient recipes" and this recipe would fit right in. Heck, just about all the recipes in that video do!

The potatoes in the local grocery store I recently mentioned are horrible. They're greener than their greens and look worse than the mushrooms I whined about. All they have are russets, anyway. No whites, no reds, and I doubt they would know a Yukon Gold if someone hit them in the head with a 10 pound bag of them. But the sweet potatoes the day I was looking at them looked good, so I grabbed 6. 4 I used for dinner that night, but by morning one of the remaining 2 was moldy and when I cut into the last one it was black inside. (sigh) 

But that day, those 4 potatoes were perfect. 

This was my husband's bowl before he dived into it. There's the cut up sweet potato, topped by cooked kale, black beans, the Chipotle Corn Salsa from the previous post, and crowned with low-salt sauerkraut. He added a small squirt of sriracha after I snapped this shot, but that was all he added. His second potato he even left that off.

The sweet potatoes in that store have been hit and miss since then, and the last 2 I bought I used the same day as purchase for Jeff Novick's Indian Potato Curry Stew. Tomorrow morning, before the next snow storm hits, my son and I plan on taking another hike to the grocery store. If they have good sweets, I'll be picking a few up to make this meal again. My husband doesn't usually like sweet potatoes, but these 2 meals (AJ's and Jeff's) are the only 2 he enjoyed and asks for again, so I don't want to disappoint him.

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