Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the McDougall Road Again

Not that I ever really went off of it, mind you, I just had some detours along the way since VeganMoFo ended.

I'm trying not to obsess about weight too much and concentrate on healthy eating - easily done with tasty McDougall recipes and allowable foods.

Perhaps I should start talking about my daily meals and adding/linking to more McDougall-safe recipes again, especially now that my blog was mentioned in this McDougall forum post about the McDougall Wiki. It's because of this that I added all those McDougall links over to the left there <<<<<<<

But I guess I better get that new camera first - my Nikon CoolPix's screen somehow cracked on me last week while it was sitting in a cushioned case, sitting on a shelf for a week. Yes, it was fine when I took photos a week ago, cracked when I took it out of the case to take more pix 5 days later. As soon as the government "stimulus" check comes, if we don't need it for bills or groceries at that time I just might replace the camera. I still have to replace the broken serger sewing machine, the 2 broken air conditioners, the broken air filter, the broken toaster oven, and a few more items that broke or wore out over the past decade that we haven't been able to replace.

In the meantime, I can still continue to post recipe links on this page, even if I can't accompany them with photos.

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