Thursday, April 24, 2014

Excerpt - Jeff Novick Fast Food 4: Beyond the Basics

I got an email with a link to this video excerpt of Fast Food 4: Beyond the Basics today:

I finally get a good view of the cover and see it's not a savory oatmeal, as some have speculated, but Mushroom Barley Soup.

He mentions one of the new recipes is for a vegetable stock that can be used in place of the tomatoes in all the previous Fast Food/SNAP recipes.

Recipes with other grains will be included in this new DVD, and buckwheat (kasha) is mentioned, so I assume Kasha Varniskes will be one of those new recipes. In the Fast Food 2: Burgers and Fries video he talked about about his mom's cooking it for him every time he visited, that it's one of his favorite foods. It's a really good recipe on his Facebook site, too. He also mentions quinoa, so perhaps this recipe for Mediterranean Quinoa with Tahini Sauce will be another, or Quinoa, Brown Rice and Veggies, which uses the same tahini sauce, although he previously covered that sauce in the first DVD, so maybe not. Maybe the Split Pea, Potato and Kale soup. That one was a family favorite until all the stores around here stopped carrying the Tabachnick split pea soup, both regular and no-salt added versions. I've made it using McDougall Right Foods split pea soup, both the cups and ready-made, but those don't meet Jeff's guidelines for sodium so I don't make it any more unless I have leftovers of some pea soup I made from scratch.

I hope besides the soup on the cover some new recipes will be revealed. This two year wait for this DVD since it was first announced by Jeff better be worth it.

Who am I kidding! Even if there's nothing new, it'll be worth it! It's Jeff!! Just like Dr. McDougall in the McDougall Made Easy and McDougall Made Irresistable DVD's, what is said while cooking is as important as the meals being prepared.

At least we don't have to speculate for much longer - I also received an email from VegSource telling me my copy has been mailed, so hopefully I'll have it by the weekend.


  1. I will be interested to see your review of the new DVD. I have the others, but I am not sure that I want this one if it's mainly soups. Maybe if there is something like a casserole in it.

  2. Looking at the photos on the back on the DVD in the ad, it doesn't look like any casserole-type dishes. The only oven-made dish in his entire FaceBook site is the lasagna.