Friday, May 8, 2015

Anyone Interested in Purchasing Chef AJ's Ultimate Weight Loss Program?

Or join her secret Facebook group?

If so, you'll have to contact Wendy at her Healthy Girl's Kitchen blog. At the end of this post, where one of Chef AJ's stars, Shayda, is introduced and tells her story, Wendy says to contact her for info on purchasing the above.

I know the Ultimate Weight Loss Program DVD/CD set keeps disappearing from Chef AJ's store, and found out the other day it's because they keep running out of them and have to get more printed up. While I may not agree 100% with everything Chef AJ and John Pierre teach, if you have had problems losing weight for most of your life, like Shayda and myself, they give a lot of good information. 

I also suggest once again their original program highlights DVD set, The 30 Day Unprocessed Challenge. The daily exercise and recipe demonstrations are certainly worth the price of the set, and some of the things referred to in the UWL program are explained in the 30 Day set, and vice versa. 

The support you'll find on the private super ultra-secret Facebook page (as my husband calls it) (included in the price of the UWL package) is priceless. Well worth the investment.

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