Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another John McDougall Interview

This one looks like it might have been done the same day as Will Krisky's one (below) - the doctor is wearing the same shirt.

Unless he's like my husband and likes to wear the same one frequently because it's comfy! LOL

This new one was posted as part of Laura Christine Sainz's Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit last week. Until I can figure out how to nab an embed code when there's no "share" links, you'll have to CLICK HERE to watch it.

If you know of Dr. McDougall and have ready any of his books or seen any of his videos, there's really not much new here except at the 38 minute mark he mentions he signed a contract for another new book. Good news, considering he had recently said that The Starch Solution was going to be his last book, that he had nothing more to say. Sometimes it's nice to hear his voice and him telling the old stories again.

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