Friday, November 6, 2015

Webinar - The Challenges of Eating Out

This week's webinar is with both Dr. and Mary McDougall. There is some talk of eating out in restaurants, but mostly they say they no longer do it, and when they can't avoid it, like when invited to eat at someone's house, they eat at home first. As for eating at a restaurant? Well, the main message there is not to believe anything a server or cook tells you, because rarely will you be told the whole truth about the food you get. Yes, you can get brown rice, but it may be cooked in chicken broth. Yes, many Mexican restaurants serve whole beans, even let you have it without cheese, but it may have been cooked with pork. Tidbits like these are mentioned.

This was also the advertised talk with Mary about holiday meals. If you've seen the annual newsletter holiday recipe article, you already know what they eat on the major holidays. Dr. McDougall again mentions how he eats a small serving of turkey every other year, just so he can say he's not vegan, but he also says he's not telling which year he does it, and mentions how there's no way to prove whether he did or didn't eat it, either.

Gustavo mentioned there will be another webinar next week, but so far no mention of it nor registration info on the webinar page on the McDougall web site.

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