Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Webinar - Instant Answers From Dr. McDougall

Starts out talking about the Alaskan cruise, the foods available ("eco-friendly"), and then the video stopped.

"Video was interrupted. The streamer stopped streaming."

Now we all sit and wait to see if they can get reconnected. Gustavo has us all try reconnecting, but that doesn't do it. It's on their end, not ours. People are joking it's big pharma or the meat and dairy industry sabotaging Dr. McDougall.

Gustavo just told us all to try back in 5 minutes, and if that doesn't help it'll be postponed for another week. It's happened before and will most likely happen again. It's the nature of the Internet to mess up.

At 20 after the hour it disconnected and the message pops on the screen that the webinar hasn't started yet. Ah! There it is! Gustavo makes sure we can all see and hear and we wait for Dr. McD to return.

Now it's finally starting, at 23 minutes after the hour. Gustavo wanted to do an abridged version, but Dr. McDougall insists on starting from the beginning again. The replay will be edited to start at this point instead of where we started almost a half hour ago. This time, instead of the grand-children and the bear story he's going on and on about the environment, global warming, and meat eaters ruining the planet, the topic of the June 2016 newsletter. Now Dr. McD is trying to show us something on his computer but he can't get it to work.

New book is dedicated to his grandchildren. Release date September 28, 2016. Pre-order now.

Says he spoke to interns and residents but was disappointed at their reaction (neutral, at best). Wants to speak with them again to try get through to them about the importance of preventative medicine.

Here comes the bear story. Let's see if we hear the end of it this time. National Geographic guides to the rescue in the original version, kind of dropped here.

Finally, the topic of the webinar - Instant Answers From Dr. McDougall. All about how to use the  official McDougall web site. He sounds like he's getting tired of people asking the same questions over and over again and they're already answered on his web site and encourages people to use the search and the discussion boards; where to sign up for the newsletters, and other features.

Conversation rolls around to the food guidelines again before coming back to the McDougall Message Board and how sometimes people get mean and obnoxious. But praise goes out to James Brown (f1jim), the moderator, and the great job he does keeping the peace. Yay, Jim!

Off to explore other parts of the web site, including Dr. McDougall's story in the About Us section. Next comes the MS study and the donation page. He needs $6 million to continue. Gustavo points out the recipe sections, including printable recipe cards.

At the end Gustavo finally gets to ask questions submitted by others. A dietitian asking about how to handle diabetic dietary instructions when docs at her hospital all insist on high protein/fat. Long answer. It's now an hour and 20 minutes since the webinar started and he's still working on it.

90 minutes and finally wrapping up. Talking about bringing Mary back for a talk (against her wishes). Yay, Mary! Let's see what happens. Dr. McD made it sound as if it would be more of a punishment for her than joy.

Ah, I see Gustavo changed the title of this to Dr. McDougall's Free Website Benefits.

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