Thursday, July 28, 2016

So Which IS It, Penn Jillette??

At the beginning of the year, Penn Jillette showed off his recent 100-plus pound weight loss and attributed it to the Eat to Live program and talked about all the salads he lived on. He said it here, and here, and Dr. Fuhrman said it here, too. He claimed Mr. Cronise introduced him to the Nutritarian diet.

Now his new book, 
Presto! How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales", is about to come out and he credits Ray Conise for the starch based food plan he followed and tells tales about living off of only potatoes for only 2 weeks and how he continued to lose by eating them.

Um, so which is it? Did you lose 120 pounds on Fuhrman's program eating salad or Cronise's by eating starches. There is a big difference.

But how is he keeping his weight off? According to this article:

"These days, he subsists on just one meal a day: often a giant salad eaten at 5 p.m., plus enormous quantities of fruit."

So much for those potatoes.

If this is what it takes for a big guy like him to keep his weight off, what hope does a post-menopausal, hypothyroid, short and squat female have? Is that what it's going to take?

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