Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not 100% McDougall

Just a warning for folks who come here after seeing this blog mentioned on the McDougall Wiki links page -

Not all the recipes I post or link to are 100% McDougall-legal!

Many of the recipes are taken from other vegan cookbooks which don't adhere to the McDougall principle of no added fats or oils, and many times when I post the recipe I leave it exactly as the author wrote it, but when I cook it up use the appropriate substitutes, like Wonderslim or applesauce instead of oil or fat-free cheese sauce instead of store-bought (fatty) vegan cheese.

Most of the recipes are McD-friendly. Here's the page where I gathered up all the recipes from this site's participation in last year's VeganMoFo, and as this year's goes along in October I'll be adding more, hopefully with photos again.

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