Sunday, October 31, 2010


While making up my grocery list for this coming week I was struck by how much more I would be spending to follow those recipes by Mary McDougall compared to the SNAP recipes by Jeff Novick that I've been making these past few months.

Mary uses a lot of little things that I don't usually have on hand, like rice wine vinegar and canned sprouts.

She calls for produce that's deemed exotic in these parts, like bok choy and Napa cabbage. I hit 4 different grocery stores and 2 produce markets yesterday and not one even heard of those last 2 items.

Other times she calls for using items that I've avoided for decades because of their sodium content, like canned red beans and rice (480 mg per 1/2 cup serving) and soy sauce (last time I used the lower sodium stuff my blood pressure shot up to over 200/100 - NOT good!).

Now I remember why I really haven't done many recipes in this book.

So, although I may toss in a recipe or 2 from this book as the month goes on, the main focus of this blog for VeganMoFo will now be Jeff Novick's SNAP recipes. I made out a new grocery list using a handful of those, and it's all available in my main grocery store AND much friendlier to the wallet.
It'll still be a fun month, and introduce some of you to a very knowledgeable and funny guy.

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