Monday, October 18, 2010

Jeff Novick's DVDs

I can't believe it's been 10 months since I last posted here! Sorry about that, but I'll be posting more frequently in the near future - promise!

Today I want to remind all the McDougallers out there about Jeff Novick and his DVD collections. He has lectures ranging from nutritional density of foods to his latest, Fast Food, which is all recipes using his SNAP format - Simple, Nutritious, and Affordable Plan. All these meals come together in just a few minutes and are ready to serve in 10 to 15.

I've been making the large batches of these meals for a number of months now and my husband and I love them. It helps that we both love tomato-based dishes, though, because canned (Or boxed, as in Pomi brand) are the base of every recipe. I kind of stopped making them so often but since the new DVD arrived Friday I've made 3 of the meals already and plan on the Mexican Fiesta for tonight's dinner.

As Jeff promises, these meals are quite tasty, make a lot of food, and are very economical!

Now stay tuned for posts regarding VeganMoFo 2010.

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