Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Great Post by Natala on Engine 2

An excerpt from one of her recent posts:

Being overweight in this society is not easy. While the number of obese people has been on the rise year after year, the way people who are overweight are treated has not become any better. It’s still ok (for most) to laugh, make fun of and look down at overweight people. I have been hurt, more times than I can count because of my size, physically and emotionally. Being overweight since the age of 10, has not been easy. I did what I could to not be noticed, but alas, everyone seemed to notice me. I thought this would go away when I became an adult, but sadly it did not. People said (and still say) awful things about me. I really don’t feel like walking around with a shirt that says “I’ve lost 200 pounds, so back off”, so I’ve learned to ignore what I can, and on the bad days, when something really gets to me? I just let it get to me. Sometimes I go punch a punching bag, seems to help the most, to be honest.

If you've been overweight your entire life as I have, you've GOT to read her entire post and all the comments. It'll make your day!

Lately the Engine 2/Daily Beet sites are more inspirational to me than the McDougall forums have been. I have a feeling I'll be signing up for the Engine 2 Extra site again very soon. It'll take some maneuvering of finances but hubby said we can swing it now. I look forward to seeing the changes since I was last there, the month of opening the site.

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