Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Monthly Menu

Back in February, someone asked a question that had been asked dozens of times before on the McDougall forums - What recipes do you make regularly? Here's how I answered (edited slightly below to update or correct the information). Most of these recipes have already been posted to this blog, even if the link I provide is to the written recipe in a newsletter or someone else's blog post or a video. I'll have to pay attention next month as each recipe comes around again and if it hasn't been shared yet and *can* be (some authors don't allow it, saying their publisher doesn't allow it), I'll write up a post about it with some more grainy photos.

I have a 4 week menu I wrote up and use with very few changes month after month. We had lasagna for Thanksgiving and Christmas, homemade pizza for our son's birthday, and lately, being snowed in (from late January until just a week ago) and unable to get to stores, made a lot of soups, stir-fries and chili using what's in my stash. 

Week 1
Sunday - Unchicken Dinner with Mary's Golden Gravy (This just baked potatoes, homemade stuffing, canned cranberries, a big bowl of veggies, and the McDougall gravy)
Monday - Festive Dal Soup
Tuesday - Mac & Cheese 
Wednesday - Chef AJ’s Pea Soup or Hearty Split Pea Soup
Thursday - Veggies, Beans & Rice 
Friday – Mexican Rice Soup (This is so thick it's more a chili than a soup or even stew)
Saturday – Pasta with Jeff’s Marinara Sauce 

Week 2
Sunday - Unchicken Dinner with Jan Tz's Garbanzo Gravy & Chef AJ’s Maple Mustard Glazed Brussels Sprouts 
Monday - Quinoa Chowder 
Tuesday - Jeff's Simple Everyday Dinner or Tortilla Soup (minus the avocado) 
Wednesday - Your Kids Will Love This Soup 
Thursday - Chinese Rice (rice with frozen Asian veggies, sprouts, water chestnuts) 
Friday – Knock Out Chili (from The McDougall Program for A Healthy Heart
Saturday - Pasta with … (jarred sauce, loads of veggies, maybe some lentil meatballs

Week 3
Sunday - Unchicken Dinner with Mary's Rich Brown Gravy 
Monday - Fast Chili Topping (from The McDougall Program for A Healthy Heart)
Tuesday – Enchiladas 
Wednesday – Potato Chowder 
Thursday - Rice, Beans & Veggies 
Friday - Speedy International Stew (a.k.a. Quick Vegetable Topping)
Saturday - Pasta with Chef AJ's Quick Sun-Dried Tomato Marinara 

Week 4
Sunday - Unchicken Dinner with Happy Herbivore's Sage Gravy or Right Cups Casserole 
Monday - Mexi Soup 
Tuesday - Lori’s Sausage Chowder (minus the Gimmelean) 
Wednesday - Black Bean Soup 
Thursday - Chinese Rice 
Friday - Chunky Chili 
Saturday – Polenta Bake

Some months have a fifth week, like this one. I forgot to include this in my forum post. These are the recipes I use on those rare occasions:

Sunday - Sloppy Lentil Joes (over baked potatoes, rice, or on a whole wheat burger roll)
Monday - Mexican Casserole
Tuesday - Baked Beans
Wednesday - Chili/Cheese/Potato Casserole
Thursday - Rice, Beans and Veggies
Friday - Hominy Casserole
Saturday - Pasta with Chili Sauce (From the McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook)

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