Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Revised (Once Again) Monthly Menu

I mentioned a few posts ago that our monthly menu has recently included less Mary McDougall meals and more Chef AJ lately. I've also been trying to get more Jeff Novick SNAP recipes in, too. I just made up this new monthly menu that includes the best of all three. It's a work in progress and may change weekly, possibly daily, but it's a start. 

I do like the idea that most of these make up enough food for two days' worth of dinners so I don't have to cook as often, especially now that the warm weather is approaching again. And if it so happens there aren't enough leftovers, there's always rice and beans or pasta with a jar of Engine 2 spaghetti sauce. I bought a dozen of those last week when we went to our first ever Whole Foods store and that's enough to last for a long time.

Week 1 
Sunday - Red Lentil Chili
Monday - Susie's Autumn Chili *
Tuesday - Indian Potato Curry
Wednesday - Red Lentil Chili
Thursday - Chinese Rice **
Friday - Autumn Chili
Saturday - Indian Potato Curry

Week 2 
Sunday - Mushroom Chili
Monday - Sweet Potato Chili with Kale
Tuesday - New Orleans Jambalaya
Wednesday - Mushroom Chili
Thursday - Chinese Rice
Friday - Sweet Potato Chili
Saturday - Jambalaya 

Week 3
Sunday - Butternut Squash & Quinoa Chili
Monday - Split Pea Soup **
Tuesday - Curried Potato Stew
Wednesday - Orange is the New Black Sweet Potatoes
Thursday - Chinese Rice
Friday - Butternut Squash & Quinoa Chili
Saturday - Pea Soup

Week 4
Sunday - Saucy Glazed Mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts 
Monday - Indian Lentil Vegetable Soup
Tuesday - Kasha Varnishkes
Wednesday - Curried Cauliflower 
Thursday - Chinese Rice
Friday - Speedy International Stew
Saturday - Pasta with Jeff's Marinara

Week 5
Sunday - Nutrient Rich Black Bean Soup
Monday - Festive Dal Soup
Tuesday - Mexi Soup
Wednesday - Enchilada Strata
Thursday - Chinese Rice
Friday - Speedy International Stew
Saturday - Cuban Potatoes

* This recipe is an exclusive (so far) to the Ultimate Weight Loss 21 Day Recipe Guide, sent to people who purchased said program from Chef AJ's web site. Neither the DVD/CD program nor downloadable versions mentioned in this post by Wendy of Healthy Girl's Kitchen seem to be available any more on the web links on Wendy's page, but I'm sure if you wrote to either her or Chef AJ they can give you details on how to purchase the program. Last I read, it's going to be part of Chef AJ's new cookbook, whenever it ever gets published. The UWL recipe guide has a few other so-far unpublished recipes, too, but most are already out there on-line.

** Chinese Rice - I mentioned in the past this is basically a batch of rice with veggies and fried marinated tofu that we eat with sauces such as soy/coconut aminos, sweet and sour, terriyaki, or other Asian-type sauce.

*** Split Pea Soup - I go back and forth between the green split pea with russets/Yukon Gold potatoes and the yellow split pea with sweet potato version. Both are equally great.

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