Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm Going to Shut Up Now

I'm also going to (try) stay off the scale. Not only did those pounds gained while eating Faves go away, but I went down another pound to be at my lowest weight since I first injured my neck and had degenerative disc disease diagnosed which greatly reduced the amount and kinds of exercise I could do and caused a 50 pound weight gain back in 1999. My husband also relost those added pounds, regained one, added one back on - all depending on what kinds of snacks he had the night before he weighed in. I keep warning him to watch the sodium in things like sriracha sauce and ketchup!

I guess I better just stick with posting about recipes and not the minutia of what/how we're eating over here.

My usual chain grocery store doesn't seem to have those Stokes purple sweet potatoes any more, but I guess for the holidays they did have a load of the best looking regular sweet potatoes I've seen in years so I bought 2 dozen of them. Now to eat them all up before they go bad. I've had Sweet Potato Beginnings for breakfast and a snack a few times, sweet potatoes with Chef AJ's Yummy Sauce for lunch, will have 2 sweet potatoes mashed into the tofu ricotta cheese for tonight's lasagna dinner (Inspired by Jeff Novick's recipe ), and later this week will either make Chef AJ's Sweet Potato Chili or Jeff's Tzimmes from his Fast Food 4: Beyond the Basics DVD. So far the tzimmes are calling the loudest, but we'll see on Tuesday what I wind up with. I really don't want another quart of OJ in the house so will probably go with Jeff's. Besides, I still haven't made all the recipes from that DVD yet. This recipe seems like a good one to get that ball rolling again.

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