Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Really Need an iPod of My Own

Disney/Pixar has released this short called Lava that was shown with Inside/Out. I haven't seen that movie so don't know if it's part of the movie or an extra, but I'm sure int'll be included on the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out. It has to be!

Anyway, they're letting users of iPods, iPhones and some other Apple product users see it in its entirety for a limited time through the Disney Movies Anywhere app from iTunes, ONLY. Android users are out of luck, as are those of us who access our DMA accounts from our computers.

Luckily my son allows me to borrow his iPod when I need it for things like the FOK or McDougall Cookbook apps. After troubleshooting the app for almost an hour he realized all he had to do was update it and he finally got it to work. He then gave me the iPod back to watch it. Like most Disney flicks, this one had me in tears at one point.

Here's a still shot from the short with the complete song. Enjoy!


Here's a 40 second clip to show an example of the completed animation:

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