Monday, August 24, 2015

Klunker's Mushrooms, Revisited

I mentioned these mushrooms a few months ago in this post. I've made them in the slow-cooker a number of times since, and they're a favorite of my husband.

Sunday afternoon the three of us settled in to watch a Harry Potter movie with the RiffTrax commentary riffing, and before we knew it, it was almost dinner time. Yikes! I forgot to put the mushrooms in the slow-cooker hours ago!!

Luckily, I had made a note on the recipe when someone on the McDougall Friends Facebook community made them in their Instant Pot and decided to go ahead and try them this way. So instead of slow cooking for 3 to 5 hours, this needs only 9 minutes of pressure cooking. I figured while these were cooling and thickening I would make my potatoes in the Instant Pot with the second liner I had purchased.

First off, 9 minutes of IP time sometimes means 30 or more minutes in real time, by the time the pot first gets to pressure, *then* it cooks for 9 minutes, and then give it another 10 before releasing the pressure.

The potatoes' cooking time was only 4 minutes in the pot, using this recipe by Jill Nussinow. This one took a long time, almost 20 minutes, to get to pressure because there were a lot of potatoes and not much liquid.

The potatoes were perfect, the mushrooms not so much. I used sliced cremini mushrooms, like I always do, but this time they were rubbery and undercooked. They really needed a lot more cooking time to get to be as we like them.

Next time, if I forget to put them on in time to make them in the slow-cooker, I'll make something different. This is one dish that really needs that long, slow cooking time.

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