Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Engine 2 - New (Free) Social Media Site

After a few years of having a paid community, Engine 2 is now hosting a free one again. It's on the site called Social Engine, and you have to request an invitation before you can register to post. Well, AFAIK it's free. Nobody actually mentioned a fee nor addressed the question outright when asked on E2E.

If you like communities such as Pinterest and Instagram, then you'll have no problem using this site, for it's basically a clone of those.

The Engine 2 Extra site had coaches, a file and video archive, and (long ignored) message boards. Most people posted on their blog that was provided. I'm not the most tech savy person around but don't see anything like that on the new site. AFAIK, the remaining 2 "coaches" and "Fire Marshalls" will also be posting to the new site.

Let's see if this community grows or falters, like Engine 2 Extra has done since Natala left.


  1. Where did Natala go? Did she change her eating approach or just leave for her musical career, etc.?

  2. They didn't say. She just vanished one day, and a few days later when people asked why she hasn't been posting, all the admins said was she wasn't part of the team any more. Not only that, her FaceBook page was taken down at the same time and I think she deleted the email account she had given people to write to contact her, too. I couldn't find her on-line at all when I looked at the time. It's sad, because 1) She was the coach who said the most, posted the most, did the most videos, shared the most recipes, etc. and 2) because of her weight history and struggles, was the one most people identified with the most. She knew what we were going through because she was going through it all herself, too.
    She is missed, to say the least.

  3. Everything went downhill fast after Natalia left, including the events, they also lost Jeff Novick it seems, I enjoy him a lot as well. I used to be very active with engine 2, it's jus tnot the same. I heard she had serious and life-threatening medical issues that she didn't want to make public, of course that was through the rumor mill, so who knows. I tried to contact her and couldn't. I hope she's ok wherever she is.
    I won't join th enew community, I do like McDougall boards and HH support group.