Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Episodes of Healthy Living On-Line

The newest episodes of Foody TV's Healthy Living Series are on-line. For some reason there is no #7, not on Foody itself or their YouTube channel. Maybe it'll appear in the future?

The recipes for the original 6 episodes can be found at the Foody web site, and hopefully the recipes for these 4 new ones will join them soon.

Lesson 8 with Wendy - Look and Feel Your Best
Butternut Squash and Quinoa Chili, Oven Ratatouille

Lesson 9 with Hans Diehl and Shayda - Medical Institute
Millet Pudding, Fennel Salad

Lesson 10 with Lindsey (Happy Herbivore) - Bar Food Twist
Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, Peanutless Peanut Sauce

Lesson 11 with  Dr. Joel Kahn - Heart Health
Broccoli Bisque, Zucchini Pasta with Quick Sun-Dried Marinara Sauce

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