Sunday, March 20, 2016

Another Jeff Novick Interview

Great interview with Jeff Novick, MS, RD.
I just discovered this site the other day when I followed a link to an interview with Dr. Goldhamer and liked it so much I became a member. I can't wait to get the next magazine issue in my mailbox - there are so few (none besides this one, really) magazines out there that have articles by and about our healthy plant-based heroes.

Many issues of the magazine have articles by them - Dr. McDougall, Dr. Ornish, and my personal fave, Jeff Novick. This one in particular is my favorite interview with him to date. When I posted about this to Facebook, Jeff wrote back to remind everyone that besides the articles in this magazine he has many more on his website. Long time readers of this blog already know about that, as I've mentioned it a number of times before. :)smile emoticon

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