Monday, June 20, 2016

Success, but Also Failure

Well, I used my Ulu knife in my 32 cup Tupperware Thatsa Bowl and I chopped, chopped, and chopped, first right handed, then left, then back to right again. My arms were getting sore, but it was still not chopped small enough, so kept at it for about 10 minutes. Still a few pieces of apple weren't as small as I wanted, but good enough.

I added some reheated short grain brown rice and some leftover Sangre de Toro beans from Rancho Gordo to make it a full meal.

I made a LOT of salad. I had about 3 cups, my husband ate around 2 without the rice and beans because he was having his with sandwiches, and I put three cups away for tomorrow's lunch.

It was okay, but I see no advantage to using the bowl and Ulu over using the food processor to make these micro salads like I've been doing for a few years after reading about them on the Dr. Fuhrman forums when they were being called confetti salads. In fact, the food processor makes the salads quicker and in smaller pieces without aggravating the joints in my hands and muscles in my arms (damn this MCTD!).

Okay, I see one advantage - the bowl and knife clean up faster than the food processor.

Those of you who were debating whether or not to spend the money on a large Tupperware bowl because you're afraid of nicking it with the knife? Well, it DID leave a bunch of small nicks in the bottom of the bowl. Yes, the Ulu knife DOES damage Tupperware bowls! So what if a certain person says jokingly in a video that she's been doing this for 8 years and hasn't died yet, you're still damaging a $30 plastic bowl and those microscopic bits of plastic have to be going somewhere, most likely in your food!

Now that it's damaged I'm SOL when it comes to returning the bowl for a refund. I will never make a chopped salad in it again because plastic isn't a part of the McDougall - or any - food program. I guess I now own an extra large plastic bowl that's too big to fit in my refrigerator, so it gets relegated to either a large mixing bowl or non-food storage status. 

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

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