Thursday, June 30, 2016

VegWorld Magazine (Revised)


Look who's on the cover of this newest issue of VegWorld digital magazine - our very own Dr. John McDougall!

I always hesitated to subscribe to this magazine, preferring good old old paper versions I can read while eating at the table, but this issue finally prompted me to subscribe. It costs just a few pennies more than the 10 in 20 Program I last wrote about, and I'll get a heck of a lot more enjoyment out of it than that other thing.

Most of the recipes fit right in with the McDougall program, but I noticed one that called for oil, there's a juicing recipe included with a book review, and a raw recipe or 2, but nothing outlandish, like the other 2 big veg magazines in the USA.

And I loved the article on Esther the Wonder Pig.

Dr. McDougall has mentioned this magazine a number of times on his Facebook page, and with your subscription you get access to all 34 of the back issues along with the year you signed up for. You can download every issue in PDF form, too, to save to your hard drive. Now that's a great deal!


Now for the complaints (Yeah, I know complain a lot.). As predicted, I did have to hit refresh a few times when pages of the magazine absolutely refused to load, and when they did load the pages were fuzzy for a while. Is it the fault of my Internet connection or theirs? Doesn't matter - I knew it would happen. This is why I prefer paper - it doesn't have to be reloaded a few times to finish an article. 

Also there is a heck of a lot of repeated material - a lot taken straight from other places on-line - and ads. Lots and lots of ads. The embedded videos in most articles are taken from YouTube and other free sites. Nothing is new there.

! ! ! ! !THIS JUST IN! ! ! ! ! !

I just found out that the magazine is not only allowing people to see this issue for free, but is offering McDougall Supporters (That's people like US) a free one year's subscription! When you sign up they'll ask for your credit card info and you can cancel before the free year is over for your free year. But you can see the current issue with Dr. McDougall by going to the same page and scrolling down a bit - the magazine is down towards the bottom. No forms to fill, no credit card numbers to give, for the free look at the issue. I wish I had known about all this yesterday before signing up for a one-year subscription, but we're given 30 days to cancel so I just sent an email doing just that. Let's see if they actually cancel it.

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