Friday, June 10, 2016

Webinar - Dr. McDougall and Gustavo Talk in Santa Rosa, Part 1

It sounds as if they did this last month, during the last 10-day program, talking about what Mary spoke about at the 10-day "last night", ignoring all the questions in the sidebar, and all that. But he talks about last week's cardiologist talk, so maybe not.

He refuses to acknowledge whether or not he has a real tattoo. I guess he's surprised people actually believed he may have done it.

He's now lumping peas in with beans and lentils as foods to eat in restricted amounts. Makes sense, yet Mary considers peas a veggies, not legumes, and says to eat them with potatoes for a Mary's Mini. Peas and carrots are my family's favorite veggies. 

Doctor McDougall's Kingdom!! Toss in Jeff Novick as his chief advisor and Doug Lisle as court jester and I'll be there! LOL

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