Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Oldie But Goodie - the Original Potato Toppings List

Posted to the McDougall Recipe board on VegSource, taken from Sandie's now-defunct Geocities site. There are variations of it on the official McDougall forums, too. Just do a search of the forums for "potato toppings list" and a number of posts will pop up.

The Nelson kids, circa 2005

From: Jan Tz
Subject: POTATO TOPPINGS LIST (from Sandie's page)
Date: December 8, 2004 at 3:39 pm PST
* brown gravy
* onion gravy
* mushroom gravy
* onion-mushroom gravy
* garlic-mushroom gravy
* ketchup
* BBQ sauce
* BBQ onions
* chili
* creamed corn
* sauerkraut
* stir fried veggies
* soy sauce
* spicy beans of all sorts
* sweet and sour sauce
* chickpea gravy
* taco sauce
* mix the innards of a baked spud with pureed squash
* mash spudz with cooked carrots
* posole gravy
* chili gravy
* tofu sour creme
* veg 'bakon' bits
* spaghetti sauce
* anchovie-free Worcestershire sauce
* A-1 steak sauce
* steamed broccoli and cheez sauce
* any fatfree gravies
* salsa
* steamed veggies
* thick soups (split pea is yummy)
* Pot Roastless Potato--steamed carrots & onions inside a baked potato, smothered with veg gravy
* Black Bean Beauties (bbq onions w/pureed black beans
* Martha Stewart Garlic Roasted Potatoes
* mushroom stroganoff
* Bragg's Liquid Aminos
* balsamic vinegar
* lentil sloppy joe
* stir fry with sweet and sour sauce
* coleslaw
* fresh butternut squash with fresh pepper and vegan "butter".
* mashed avocado on mashed potatoes with a little lemon, salt and pepper
* Salad Potato--not quite the same as "potato salad"...dice (really small) cucumber and tomato and let it sit in Seasoned Rice Vinegar while the potato is cooking--then add it along with a few sliced black olives-- salt and pepper. This is good because it's got the hot/cold thing going on--and the seasoned rice vinegar is sweet/salty. 

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  1. This is a oldie but goodie. Darn I totally forgot about chickpea gravy. I used to make that a lot.