Friday, August 19, 2016

Preview of the New McDougall Book

I got an interesting email from the McDougall people:

Dear Friend,

Let’s start with the bad news: The modern American diet isn’t making us healthier. In fact, it’s responsible for chronic illnesses and disease.

How do I know this? If the illnesses were genetic, all generations would exhibit the same illnesses. But the younger generation that has grown up on the Western diet is more prone to obesity, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Now the good news: To the surprise of many, a starch-based diet can undo the damage you’ve done to your body over the years and lead to lasting weight loss and decreased cholesterol. For more of my research on this, enjoy a sneak preview of my new book, THE HEALTHIEST DIET ON THE PLANET. Here's a link to chapter 3, The Healthiest Diet vs. Fad Diets.

In my new book, on sale September 27, Mary and I share our collective experience from 45 years of observing patients, gathering knowledge, and living healthy ourselves. Pre-order my book now to see how easy and delicious it is to turn your health around and feel better than you have in years.

Here’s to living your healthiest!

Dr. John McDougall
Mary McDougall
The Healthiest Diet on the Planet
Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

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