Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mark Sutton's Memorial Service

This was posted recently to the Fat Free Vegan Yahoogroup:

I am recipe lurker here on this site, so I don't post. However, I need some help from you.
I was a friend of Mark Sutton's for 36 years; he lived at our farm in PA. As you may know, he recently passed on suddenly.  His family would like to have a memorial gathering for him at their home on November 19th at 4 p.m. They live in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County.
His mom asked me to get contact information for his friends and to let her know.
Quite honestly, Mark was very active on many online groups, in the Veg Movement, Animal iIghts and obviously the Esselstyn no fat vegan groups but that is part of the problem.  We didn't run in the same groups. I don't know anyone's name or who would attend something like this unless they interacted deeply or long term with Mark. Unless he was attending or working in DC, he didn't have friends who came all the way up to PA.
I asked  his mom to post on his Facebook page  ( I am not on his friend list as I saw him all the time) but I am not sure if she will.
Could you help me spread the word to people and groups that he may have been part of just to get the message out there? People can attend or send regrets to his Facebook page/Heart Healthy Pizza or to my other address  ( We don't have access to Mark's e-mail accounts.
Thank you so much.

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