Friday, October 21, 2016

McDougall Webinar - Hypertension

And don't forget to download the book chapter and newsletter article that were reading material for this session from Dr. McDougall's website.

BTW, the webinar web page for this says a closed caption version of this is available on YouTube. Don't believe it. 1) This particular video, as of 10/21/2016 @ 12:45pm EDT, is NOT caption-enabled, and 2) When his videos are captioned, it's the YouTube voice-to-text software translation, not a real "someone listened and typed it out" closed captioning. 9 times out of 10 these are totally useless and instead of being informative, are either frustrating or entertaining, depending on your mood. I'm sure you all know of some TV closed captioning occasions where the text on the screen bears little resemblance to what's being said, and many times aren't even showing real words. Well, YouTube captioning is like that. Believe me, with my 60+ year history of being hard of hearing, I know bad captioning when I see it!

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