Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Webinar Fatigue

(Edited after seeing the written recipes and put in parentheses)

Boy, sometimes I really hate it when I'm right.

Remember this post, when I predicted what the recipes in the webinar would be like? Well, the webinar was last night. While we don't have the written recipes yet, and I was getting really tired near the end (That happens when you wake at 3am and the webinar goes until 9:30pm), here's what I got out of it so far:

It starts with AJ and Gustavo in his Dallas kitchen, AJ saying Gustavo will be doing the cooking, then she takes over and runs around messing up the place. He runs behind her throwing things in the garbage, picking up fallen food and crumbs from the counters, etc. If you've seen ANY of AJ's cooking demos you know how sloppy she can get. I'm just as bad. Fun to watch.

The recipes:
  • Creamy Curried Kabocha Squash Soup
  • Bodacious Beet Salad on a bed of Arugala
  • House Dressing 2.0
  • Stuffed Acorn Squash
  • Wild Rice Stuffing
  • CranPEARy Relish
  • Gustavo's Green's Supreme
  • Roasted mini bell peppers and Heirloom carrots
  • Truly Crispy Baked Fries
  • Air Fries
  • Butterscotch Pie or Parfaits
  • Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
Most were done in Dallas, but 2 AJ did later in her own kitchen when she got home.

Creamy Curried Kabocha Squash Soup - Take your favorite squash soup recipe. Use Kabocha squash. Shake some curry in at the end as an afterthought.

Bodacious Beet Salad - as you can see in the photo I linked to the other day, it's beets, that orange stuff is mango, red onion. The green is fresh mint. The arugula wasn't even mentioned, but it's probably the green stuff on the platter it's later served on. (Recipe is by Shayda Solemon originally)

House Dressing 2.0 - Take the Esselstyn 3-2-1 dressing and use lime juice instead of maple syrup.

Stuffed Acorn Squash - Roast up some squash. Stuff with the wild rice recipe. While the squash is in the oven, toss in a tray of:

Mini Peppers and Sliced Heirloom Carrots - and shake on some spices, like rosemary, if desired.

Wild Rice Stuffing - It's not much different than most other wild rice stuffing recipes out there.

Gustavo's Greens Supreme - Gustavo was finally able to do his own cooking. He said he also made this dish after a McDougall webinar. Nice looking dish and probably the first, and maybe only, one I'll make from the entire webinar. 

Gustavo's cooking demo starts at 1:08

Truly Crispy Baked Fries - Gustavo's next entry. See Chuck's (Brand New Vegan) Crispy, Oven-Baked French Fries. Granted, he never claimed it was his own recipe, just how he makes them. He admits to using different spices each time it's made.

Air Fries - Again demonstrated by Gustavo. Cut up some potatoes. Toss in air fryer. Cook.

Butterscotch Pie or Parfait - sweeten some cooked sweet potatoes (by adding bananas and add pumpkin pie spice). Make a date and oatmeal raw crust and make a pie or toss it in a glass and call it a parfait. (Original recipe by Mairead Reddy)

That's the end of Dallas. Now on to AJ's kitchen:

cranPEARy Relish - I was right. It's her relish from Unprocessed made with roasted pears.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream - I was partially right. It's the "butterscotch" stuff that she froze in silicone trays, but tossed in a Vitamix with a bit of milk, and processed until it's soft-serve consistency. She also froze some of it in those round popsicle trays she has (In another video she showed the trays with frozen beet juice).

Then, after all the cooking was done and AJ and Gustavo said their Happy Holiday greetings and good-byes, the video ended, even though AJ had said a minute before they were going live again. A few of us are in the chat asking what happened, is it over? Turns out AJ went live with Charles and Bailey, but to see it you had to refresh your browser page, so most people missed the beginning. It was just a short holiday greeting by them. We'll see if it's in the replay or not.

AJ announced that this webinar will be rebroadcast with live chat again in December because a lot of people paid and never got the link to connect, even though they followed all the instructions. Remember how I wrote you have to hit a few more links before you were finally registered? Yeah, even jumping through all the hoops some people were left out, so they're going to re-do it. If you already paid, you can watch it for free, but if you didn't, you can pay now, get the replay and printed recipes now (When they're ready - Gustavo said by tonight - Wednesday -  they'll be sent), then catch the replay with live chat in December.

So, was it worth it? Well, unfortunately, it was worse than I expected. Recipes that aren't recipes, recipes that were direct ripoffs of someone else's recipes, recipes that changed one ingredient and were called a new recipe. But also as I expected, it was entertaining. Will I ever pay money for another cooking webinar? Even with all my bitching, yeah, I probably will. 

Again, I was tired. I was cranky. I may have mis-heard things. I'm STILL tired and cranky while writing this so early the next morning. Please don't get mad at me if I got something wrong in the comments above. It's only a blog and these are only my personal ramblings.

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