Saturday, April 8, 2017

Grilled Potatoes the SpudFit Way

While killing time on the computer today, I found almost a dozen "draft" posts on Blogger, posts I started writing ages ago and never posted for some reason. A number of them I just deleted, but a few of them, like this one, will be popping up the next week or so. Some are silly, some aren't, like this one that I wrote last November.
I could never make waffle potatoes without severe sticking. I even bought a brand new waffle maker, thinking my old one just lost its non-stickiness, but the same thing happened each time I tried. It's not for lack of heat or time - I would turn the waffle maker up to its highest temp and leave them in for 20 minutes or more. Not for lack of the "right" potato, because I would always use Yukon Gold, either microwaved or cooked in the pressure cooker. I was always glad I bought a waffle maker with removable plates so I could soak the burnt on messes.

Now that I'm once again testing potatoes and (so far) can eat them with no reaction, I want crispy ones again now and then. Oven fries, to me, are just dried out, hard-as-leather potatoes. I've been told that potatoes made in air fryers are identical to oven/broiler made, just a bit quicker and in a self-timed electrical device.

Today I found this video by Andrew (Spud Fit) Taylor:

I remember making sliced potatoes like that in my George Foreman grill years ago, before it lost it's non-stickiness. I wonder how sliced potatoes would do in the waffle iron closed lightly, not hard-pressed, squish-the-spuds-into-the-holes way.


I wish I had a thick slicing blade for my food processor like Andrew has. Those look perfect! I guess I'll have to slice my spuds by hand.

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