Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jeff Novick YouTube, plus Overcoming Overeating & McDougalling?

His videos were there all along, but this time he made his own YouTube channel and has a few videos he says are rough drafts of his lectures. I haven't been able to see them yet (Need to borrow a faster computer or I'd be here all day waiting for one to load) but someone said the woman in the videos with him is his cousin.

And on another topic, I'm still trying to figure out how to mesh the principles of both McDougall (or just veganism itself) and Overcoming Overeating together. One restricts half the food in the world, the other says no food/food group is to be avoided except when it comes to your personal health (like diabetics avoiding sugar, celiacs avoiding gluten, people with allergies avoiding their allergenic foods). Maybe once the new group gets a bit better established I'll toss it out there, as avoiding fats and high protein foods but eating the OO way towards all the allowable McDougall foods are for personal health reasons.

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