Friday, November 28, 2008

<<<<< Over There, On the Left-Hand Side of this Page

I guess nobody was looking over there in the left-hand column where I had all the McDougall-friendly and other vegetarian blogs listed. All but one that was suggested in yesterday's Comments is already there.

And I had to edit one of the widgets. It seems that Flickr has been inundated recently with a load of photos for the Walther PPK gun so all the photos appearing in the Flicker PPK widget was for guns and neo-nazi groups. Sorry about that. I changed the keywords to VWAV and Vcon and now all the good food photos are back. And I was able to add a slide-show for the McDougall Foods Flicker group photos, too.


  1. No, I didn't mean you, Debbie. I also mentioned my list in a forum post and included all the links, not just a link to the Bloglines listing, and I got at least a dozen email asking me to include their blog and it was already on the list. You at least sent me a link I *didn't* already have. Thanks!