Friday, April 19, 2013

Heart Healthy Pizza

Long time McDougaller Mark Sutton published a book last year entitled Heart Healthy Pizza. I probably wrote a blog post about it at the time. Recently Mark has been doing some local cable spots and live cooking shows demonstrating these pizzas. As a test run to the live shows, he filmed a few test runs and posted some on his YouTube page.

The first videos he shows tell how to make the kale that will be used on his pizza. He says the kale takes about 20 minutes to cook, and since he's limited to 10 minute videos he had to break it down to 4 real-time videos to get the process start to finish.

The next few videos show how to shape the pizza crust, how he dresses this one particular pizza, the making of the sriracha-flavored cheeze sauce he's using on this pie, and a short video showing the finished product, including the now-hardened cheese sauce covering the entire pizza.

While I haven't made that particular pie of his (yet), I have made others, and they beat anything you'll find in the grocer's freezer by miles and are perfectly fine to eat on any plant-based food plan, whether it's Dr. McDougall's, Dr. Fuhrman's or even the more restrictive Dr. Esselstyn's, and everything in-between.

So go visit Mark's site and his blog, take a look at the wonderful pizzas that can be made in your own kitchen that you can eat without guilt. Tasty AND healthy!

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  1. I'd definitely get these for the occasional "I want some pizza but don't want to really pig out" nights