Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Non-Jeff SNAP Meal

This one is courtesy of TomInTN from the McDougall forums. He posted this way back when the Fast Food Volume 1 DVD was released, when a number of board members were posting their own versions of SNAP meals.

Very quick - only a few minutes if you have cooked lentils, but since lentils cook up so fast, it's quick enough for me!

The recipe:
Cook 1 pound of lentils
Add 2 pounds frozen corn kernels, 1 pound bag frozen greens, 2 big cans of no-salt added tomatoes

That's all he wrote!

I cooked up my lentils then added 2 bags of super-sweet white corn and most of a bag of frozen spinach. I added about a cup of diced onions, a few shiitake mushrooms that I had in the fridge, and a healthy spoonful (over a tablespoon) of this roasted garlic herb salt-free seasoning I have. I still have over a half hour until hubby gets home from work so it should all be toasty warm by the time he gets in. I'll reheat some rice that I made yesterday to go with it.

This stuff comes within two inches of the top of this pot, my Revereware 8-quart stockpot. This is a LOT of food! We'll certainly have enough for tonight's dinner, my lunches for the rest of the work week, and maybe even lunches for the 2 of us over the weekend.

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  1. It needed something. I mentioned this to my husband and he said it was perfectly fine as-is, then dumped a few ounces -no exaggeration! - of srirracha sauce on his. Event he corn was tasteless to me. I still have a giant 3 quart Pyrex container full of this in the freezer right now, wondering how to doctor it up when I serve it again next week. More spices, definitely, and maybe some flavored tomatoes, like Rotel or stewed. And instead of rice, it may be better served over cornbread.

    I just kept reminding myself it's a fairly cheap meal and makes a LOT of food, besides being super-healthy. I'll have to thank Tom on the forums.