Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day In the Life of Chef AJ Webinar (free)

From Gustavo Tolosa:

"A Day in the Life of Chef AJ!" Be a little fly on the wall and watch Chef AJ make her plate. What does she eat? How much does she eat each time? What does her plate look like? How many times does she eat? How can she eat so much and be so thin? What about snacks? Ask ALL your questions! Register for this one-in-a-lifetime FREE WEBINAR and invite everyone you know! Can't watch live? Don't worry! Register and watch the replay later on. Register Here:

How does she eat so much food and not gain weight?
What does her plate actually look like?
Does she exercise? What does she do to exercise?
Is it really necessary to exercise to lose weight?
And many other questions regarding her eating habits!
Ask all your questions in this one-of-a-kind webinar!

The webinar is this coming Saturday, April 16th, at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern time.

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