Friday, April 1, 2016

More Chef AJ On Foody TV

Looks like Chef AJ did some more episodes, but they're not in a playlist on FoodyTV web site or its YouTube playlist so you have to search for them. 

So far I found 2. This one, episode 213, where AJ makes no-bake cookies from Will and Shauna Putnam with Dr. Alana Pulde and her daughter, split pea soup with Linda Middlesworth, and with Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, where she demonstrates some pesto stuffed portobella mushroom caps.

and episode 207, where she makes balsamic glazed roasted Brussels sprouts with Dr. Artal, stuffed kabocha squash with weightlifting trainer Robert Cheeke, and banana, strawberry, chocolate mousse torte with the woman who does her Reiki treatments (Didn't catch her name).

My son is going to search around to see if he can find episodes 201-206 and 208 through 212, but since FoodTV seems so amateurish, I have no idea if they were even filmed, much less available on-line. I'm still wondering where episode 7 from season 1 is, if it even exists.


  1. Hi VeggieSue.......if you to FoodyTv's youtube channel and press their PLAYLIST most of those episodes are there, including #7 The link I had was Hope that helps! Chef AJ is a real treat to watch, isn't she? A bundle of energy and light!

  2. The one that is now labeled #7 is the one I talk about above, previously known as #207, with Dr. Artal.

  3. And the one with Dr. Alana above, previously labelled 213, is now season 1, episode 13.