Monday, May 30, 2016

Chef AJ Interviews Dr Doug Lisle

I can't believe I never posted this interview from early May. So sorry!

He also wrote a post about the subject on his forum on the McDougall board: 

In general, I notice that it is processed food that drives the addictive process.
People should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with THEM. It is THE FOOD that is the problem.
Animals have zero problems regulating food intake. Except when confronted with processed food. Then they have problems.
The best move, if a person struggles with excess weight, is to minimize processed foods. That means bread, pasta, little healthy crackers. Etc.
I never worry about people going crazy on WNF. Except nuts. The rest, even if you eat a huge amount, it all doesn't actually add up to much. And you will just eat less the next day. Rarely is any sort of portion control needed with unsalted whole starches like potatoes or rice.
Truth is...people don't grasp that it is very rare to consistently overeat on whole natural foods. Even if you stuff yourself, you will eat less tomorrow.
I have to say, I hear this a lot. But when people come to true north health center they magically do not eat enough food to gain weight. Eating as much as they want, if they are overweight, they lose weight. We keep Jeff Novick's warnings about nuts in mind, and no worries.
People think that if they stuff themselves it means they over ate. That they eat more than they "needed" to. But you NEVER eat the RIGHT amount of food, as such a quantity does not exist. Right amount for what? The next hour? Four hours? Six? Two and a half?
There is no RIGHT amount of food to eat. When you have eaten not enough or too much. Impossible.
The nervous system evolved to continually course correct. It is a dynamic process. You eat a ton at 4pm, you won't be eating a ton at 5pm. That simple. Eat a lot today and don't exercise, you will eat less tomorrow. You won't even notice it, but this will happen.
Eat away. Just make sure it is WNF. (Whole natural food).
You don't eat for "other reasons". You may think you do, but you don't. If so, why do you not spontaneously breathe more? Just go up 20% or so for an hour on breathing. Or sleeping. Or fluid intake. Why is it never any of these other homeostatically controlled drives that gets excessive for "other" reasons no? Why is it ALWAYS eating that people think they are doing for "other" reasons? If you are munching away on WNF there is a perfectly good reason why. You are still a bit hungry. It is worth storing a bit of glycogen in your liver and muscles for tomorrow. If you get good and stuffed and don't need it, your hunger will be less tomorrow.
If a personally is systematically overeating, day after day, it is because the food is adulterated. Salt. Sugar. Oil. Processed to be softer than normal. Easy to digest as it has been pulverized and reconstituted. Like bread and crackers.
Binge eating to excess, consistently, on WNF? I don't think so. Rare. I'll be straight. I've met less than 10 of those people in my whole career.
I'm open to feedback on this, but be clear. Is anyone saying that they eat a diet devoid of any processed foods, no sugar, salt, fat, or processing, and consistently eats so much on that diet to maintain excess weight? Let's hear. Because if this is you, you are an unusual, quite unusual, animal. If so, you might need to eat salad and vegetables religiously before you eat the cooked starches. But hitting all three in order -- salad, vegetables, starches--is close to fool proof. That has been my observation.

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