Saturday, May 14, 2016

Zine Looking For Submissions

Big Fat Vegan Zine (Looks more like a blog than a zine, though) is looking for contributions.

From another message board:

Dear Fat Vegans,
We need you! If you would like to contribute any of the following to the first issue of the Big Fat Vegan Zine:
    A written piece.
    Vegan recipes.
    Suggestions for folks to interview.
    Anything else zine-appropriate!

It would be great to include some of the following topics:
    Fat shaming and health trolling within the vegan community.
    Fat vegan experiences, and……
    Fat vegan experiences that intersect with other unique lived experiences of, for example, disabled/trans/of colour folks, etc.
    The struggle around body positivity and the journey to loving our fat bodies.
    Experiences of eating disorders as fat vegans.
    Experiences of dealing with thin privilege and its effects.
    Struggles with health professionals around our fatness/veganism.
    The Health at Every Size movement and how it deals with/incorporates veganism (or not).
    Fat vegan role models.
    Resources for fat vegans: blogs, Etsy shops, Facebook groups, etc.

Please feel free to express yourself honestly and freely, whether you have a positive or negative experience or viewpoint to share. Please feel free to be ANGRY or SAD, or to be joyful and hopeful.

Deadline has been extended to May 31, 2016.

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