Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gustavo at the Intensive - Day 3

Dr. McDougall's talk, Secrets to Maximum Weight Loss, is part of the Dr. McDougall's Money Saving Medical Advice DVD set.

And now that the program is finished, all the recipes from the weekend are in one handy-dandy PDF file on the website.

Gustavo had the assistance of Jeff Novick in recording the lunch time video and burger taste-testing. I noticed Jeff had his 2 burgers (his own only) plain on a plate with some salad and potatoes. So that's how he stays so slim - no bread! Gustavo, on the other hand, had both of his on rolls. Don't tell the UWL people! LOL

Dr. Lisle's Getting Along Without Going Along can be watched on his web site.

Jeff Novick's talk, From Oil to Nuts: The Essential Facts of Fats, Oil, and Nuts DVD can be purchased at Jeff's site.

At the end, Gustavo reminded us that the webinar for May 26th is going to be on the MWLP program

I do agree with Gustavo that seeing these lectures live is probably a great experience that everyone should try to do once in their life, but I know I'll never get there, not because of the money, although that's a big consideration, but because I do NOT fly. Never have, never will. I was warned decades ago that with my ears, one trip up in the air could rupture my ear drums, leaving me totally deaf, and that would certainly be worse than the partial deafness I suffer from now. I wish that eventually Dr. McDougall's program sprouts franchises and doctors all across the country open up programs like these Intensives everywhere. I would even put up with having the lectures done live via Skype. Heck, I'll take 'em pre-recorded, as long as they serve us the same food that the official program does! Just being together with other McDougallers would be worth the cost.

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