Saturday, September 3, 2016

McDougall Webinar Thursday Sept 1, 2016 - Q&A

More than 20 minutes into it and Gustavo hasn't had a chance to bring up one question yet. They talked about their clothes, the newsletter, the government cheese, table sugar study, but still no questions and answers in the "Q&A #4" titled webinar. No wonder Gustavo turned off the chat - he probably knew they would never get to the questions, just like all the other Q&A webinars.

He did mention he's going to be on Dr. Oz in the future for a whopping 7 minutes segment.   I'll believe it when I see it. Knowing Dr. Oz, it'll be a Fuhrman episode and they'll ambush Dr. McD with accusations that his nut restrictions and "love of salt" cause heart attacks. I don't trust them at all.

Over 30 minutes now and still no questions.

Ah, 34 minutes and Gustavo said something about the government dietary goals and Dr. McD is now going on about the McGovern studies again. IDK if it's an aside to the sugar conversation or a submitted question.

First question @ 36 minutes into the show! About fasting blood sugar numbers. He explains why he allows as high as 250-350 fasting levels in people taking medications for their diabetes and feels being high is less damaging tot he body than being hypoglycemic and having severe symptoms that mimic being drunk and passing out. Do not let you sugar get to 150 or less if on diabetic meds.

A few more questions - milk for babies, sugars from sweet potatoes. Gustavo showed an old McDougall video from the Hawaii days about exercise.

And time's up. A plug for the ASW and the upcoming Hawaii trip.

Maybe the next Q&A webinar he'll answer more than 3 questions.

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