Friday, September 21, 2012

Curses! Foiled Again!

The thought of 31 days of soup didn't leave my husband too enthused. "Don't we wake up enough overnight to pee as it is?!?!" was his reaction. And I kinda agree. This post-menopausal bladder can't handle any liquids after 4pm as it is, and adding a soup meal on top of that is just asking for trouble. Right now we've been restricting soup meals, even the hearty ones, to the occasional weekend lunches. So no month of soup for VeganMoFo.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve right now, and one in particular is jumping up and down saying Pick ME! Pick ME!! I have to look over my AZZ Cardfile and Mastercook database to make sure I have enough recipes to cover the month before I commit. Well, we don't officially commit to anything, just toss it out there, really.

I guess you'll all find out in another 10 days. I promise it'll be good and very McDougall-friendly.

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