Sunday, September 30, 2012

McDougalling MoFo-ers

A quickie roll-call was made on the McDougall forums to see which members will be participating in VeganMoFo this October. Besides me, here's who else chimed in with their blog's url:

vgpedlr - I Peddle Plants. Plants Pedal Me (corrected 10/2/2012)

The Healthy Vegans

the funcrunch files

fulenn's Vegan Day to Day

bethannerickson's Plant Based Chefs

Debbie's Twigs and Sticks, a.k.a. The Weed Eaters

Becky Perry's Plant Based Mom

I'm sure there must be more, but these are the only ones who replied to this forum post:

ATTN: Bloggers! Vegan MOFO is Here!


  1. Thanks for putting the list of links together! I am also participating - in addition to 31 Days in October blog project.

  2. Thanks for posting this list--I'll put something up on my site about the McDougallers, too, if you don't mind.