Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soup (minus the grease) is the Word

Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up for potato recipes, but I decided I needed to eat a bit lighter nowadays and figured soup is the best way to do so, so my theme for the 2012 VeganMoFo is going to be McDougall-safe soups. If I make a special loaf of bread to go with the soup I'll include that, too.

Instead of Monday through Friday my recipes will cover Sunday through Thursday, as every Friday we have pizza and every Saturday we have pasta with tomato sauce. I've written about those meals in previous MoFo's so I won't bother at all with them this year unless I make a special pasta or pizza dish. Another day I won't be posting is my birthday, because I'm not cooking that day but having take-out Chinese. We rarely order out so what may be a weekly occurrence for many of you is a feast treat for us. I'll probably write more about this when the time comes.

Now if anyone wants one of those potato recipes I mentioned in my other post just drop a reply to either this or that other post and I'll post it.

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  1. I'm looking forward to it. I've been back to basics (MWL McDougall) for stomach help this month and need to remember to keep up with the recipes when I'm not completely watching what I eat.