Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Starchivore T-Shirts

A few months ago, Dr. McDougall announced the selling of his own custom made t-shirts in the McDougall Store, ones that had the label "Starchivore" on the front and the url to his website on the back. Here's a photo of he and his family each wearing a version of it:

A few days later, someone posted in the forums how he thought some people in this photo looked like they still had some fat on them (note Dr. McD's belly pooch). This thread eventually came to the good doctor's attention and he posted another picture of him and Mary wearing their shirts, one that didn't accentuate everything:

Notice in this one they're both standing very erect and are probably holding their bellies in a bit but you can still see the little pooch on the doc.

And in these shirts, you have to! 

I ordered mine a few days after they were announced and it arrived when I was sick with the flu and living in sweats for the 2 months. The shirt was looked at and tucked into a drawer, waiting for warmer weather. Why? Because even though it feels soft, silky and luxurious, it's so thin you can read a newspaper through it:

It's so body-hugging it shows scars, stretch marks, cellulite and even individual hair follicles. For the price, I really expected something of better quality. They're made in Peru, of all places.

Although I'm proud to own a Starchivore t-shirt, I will NEVER wear it outside the house. Maybe if you're as young as the McDougall children and grandchildren and at or below your idea weight you would want to wear it, but not this old lady! 

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