Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Pleasure Trap - The OTHER Author, Dr. Alan Goldhamer

As a McDougaller, I heard about Dr. Doug Lisle frequently because of his appearances at McDougall events, then his DVD and book, The Pleasure Trap. He continued lecturing at McDougall events, released another DVD, then another.

But we never heard anything about his co-worker at the True North Health Center

and co-author of The Pleasure Trap, Alan Goldhamer, D.O..

A few weeks ago I came across this video of him giving a lecture on the Pleasure Trap. It's excellent! If you thought Dr. Doug Lisle gave a good lecture on the subject, you're GOT to see this one by Dr. Goldhamer! This really hammers it home.

I found another lecture by him on fasting, but haven't watched it yet, as I've been a tad bit busy the past 2 months with life and death matters. It's on my to-do list for Monday morning, though, now that I'm slowly catching up with things.

Thanks, Dr. Goldhamer.

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